Visual Inspections

Visual Inspections

Visual Power Line Inspections by Helicopter

One of our core activities within our power line division is a detailed visual engineering inspection by air. This is carried out using trained overhead power line engineers, flying at low level.

This type of survey gives a unique birds eye view of the entire asset and allows assessment of:

  • Pole top rot
  • Insulator damage
  • Signing and guarding
  • ESQCR issues
  • Conductor damage
  • Steelwork
  • Vegetation
  • ACD's

Inspections can cover ranges of between 120 - 170km per day, a much larger area than a foot survey could ever achieve.


Moving Maps & Instant Reporting

Our patrols now feature the latest tablet computers running highly detailed mapping software. Our clients supply us their network routes in GIS format, which we then load onto our computers. All data gathered is then fed into the computer in real-time by our linesmen. Once the survey is complete the gathered data is then loaded into the clients data base and used accordingly.

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