Power Line Surveys

Power Line Surveys

Helicopter Power Line Surveys by PDG's Power Line Division

Having worked with power generation and utility companies for many years, PDG Helicopters is an established specialist in overhead line surveys and inspections. We provide a range of specialist services for power/utility companies.

Emergency Power Line Patrols

PDG are renowned for our speed of reaction. Our large fleet of helicopters allows us to mobilise aircraft quickly to visually survey the lines and locate any faults following storms .

Our skilled pilots and observers use state of the art equipment to monitor high resolution moving maps and comprehensive databases to allow us to provide far-reaching reports of the patrol.

The PDG Powerline Division team includes qualified electricity linesmen who inspect thousands of kilometres of overhead power lines throughout the UK and Ireland. The types of overhead line surveys we provide include:

• Visual inspections
Thermal imaging
Condition assessment (HD video or high resolution still image)
Corona discharge
• Asset management
• Vegetation surveys

Safety and quality are at the core of our operation, with thorough planning preceding every flight. Our continued investment in the best camera systems and sensor technology means we deliver the highest quality of imaging available.

For more information about PDG Powerline Division's services, call +44(0)1667 462740 or click here to Contact Us.


On behalf of ScottishPower Energy Networks, I would like to thank you and your staff for the assistance you provided to us in dealing with the aftermath of the wind storms on 3rd and 4th January 2012. The Severity of the storms were such that they caused the most damage to the network in Central Scotland in 13 years, with the overhead network experiencing more faults in a single day than it would normally receive in three months. It is testimony to your commitment and response that we were able to restore supplies to our customers as quickly as we did - given the difficult circumstances with which we faced.

Hundreds of broken poles had to be replaced and over a thousand trees and other items of debris had to be removed from the network. Dealing with these issues, along with all the other efforts taken to restore supplies to more than 120,000 customers, was tremendous in just over 4 days.

Pearse Murray
Asset Strategy & Network Programmes Director
ScottishPower Energy Networks