GSS S516 - Survey

GSS S516 - Survey

GSS S516 Camera System

The GSS C516 camera system is one of the most compact open platform survey systems available at only 16" in diameter. It was developed to integrate modular digital cameras and sensors. PDG Helicopters were the first company in the world to own and operate the GSS S516 and selected the system over other manufacturers systems thanks to the amazing versatility, ingenuity and quality that only the GSS S516 delivers. We supply the system as a package that includes the features and options below together with our own, experienced, in-house camera operator technicians.

5-Axis Gyro Stabilised Gimbal

  • 5-axis advanced fiber optic gyro-stabilisation
  • Full remote control
  • Interchangeable cameras/lenses/inner-axis
  • Stabilized or steerable horizon with in-flight automatic calibration
  • Look-down capability for vertical photography
  • High-speed fiber optic video data transfer
  • High-speed LAN data transfer

Canon EOS-1DC DSLR Camera

Our system features an Canon EOS-5DS full frame camera with 50MP sensor, it delivers stunning aerial imagery. Full remote control of all the camera settings together with instant image preview and file download is via an on-board laptop PC.

Lens options

We offer the systems with a choice of Canon L series lenses:

  • Canon EF85mm f/1.2L
  • Canon EF300mm f/2.8L
  • Canon EF600mm f/4L c/w 1.4x extender (840mm)

Inertial Navigation System

As a further option we can supply the system complete with highly accurate, military grade inertial navigation system to GEO reference all captured images. Further information on request.

Camera Mount

The camera system is nose mounted to any of our fleet of AS350 or AS355 helicopters via an AirFilm AFSP-1 or AFDP-1 camera mount.

The system

The complete system is compact and lightweight and allows room on-board for pilot, camera operator and passenger. A full compliment of support equipment is provided and completes this versatile .

Experience and support

PDG Helicopters own and operate two GSS 516 camera systems with six custom payloads that we developed with GSS for our exact requirements. Our in-house operator technicians are trained by GSS to be able to service and support our own camera systems in our dedicated camera workshop.

For further information download our spec sheet or call us on: +44(0)1667 462740 or click here to contact us.