Fire Fighting

Helicopter Fire Fighting Services Throughout The UK
As the UK's specialist fire fighting facility, PDG Helicopters have helped many clients with our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in tackling fires. With our large fleet of helicopters and specialised equipment we are able to work anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Bambi Bucket

Our helicopters are each fitted with the versatile Bambi Bucket, a globally recognised fire fighting system that is lightweight, tough and easily stowed. This is the most precise solution available and allows us to put more water on a fire than any other system and as the most cost-effective fire-fighting tool, it has been used in almost a hundred countries around the world to fight difficult fires.
Moorland & Forest Fires
Moorland and forest fires can occur following long periods of sunny weather making the ground tinder dry. The video above shows us in action during the recent (May 2011) fires across the UK and Ireland, 4 of our helicopters were specially equipped with Bambi buckets and despatched without delay to fight the fires.
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