Corona Discharge

Corona Discharge

Helicopter Corona Discharge Surveys
Our Flir-Polytech gyro stabilised corona camera system is the only one of its kind in the UK and uses an ultra-violet image sensor and colour video camera to detect partial discharge, corona and arching in overhead power lines, high voltage transmission lines and grid components.

Electric utility companies can use corona inspection equipment for cases such as:

• Degradation of Polymer insulators
• Improper binder attachment of conductors to insulators
• Contamination - coastal/highway salt, industrial, agricultural fertilizers
• Cracked porcelain insulators
• Improper grounding or bonding lead to wooden poles fires
• Rusted cement and metal caps and pins on porcelain insulators
• Incorrect design and installation leading to mechanical and electrical failure
• Shorted bells
• Loose hardware such as spacers, slices, clamps, etc
• Power loss

Corona surveys saves time and resources, since it eliminates the need to 'blindly' test a bulk of insulators and redundant replacements of grid elements.

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