Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment

PDG power line condition assessment patrols allow engineers to see the physical condition of structures and components without the need to de-energise and climb the towers or poles. Our aircraft cover the ground and inspect the towers far more quickly and efficiently than conventional inspections.

High Definition Gryro Stabilised Video Inspection

Using our Cineflex V14HD camera system we are able to use the full extent of the powerful 84x zoom lens to reach in to see incredible levels of detail of fittings. This is a highly effective way of checking components, revealing wear and tear, cracks, splits and damage.

High Resolution Digital Still Images

We use the latest technology still image cameras fitted with high power, stabilized lenses. We can cover a complete tower or pole together with all its fittings very quickly. The high resolution images require little or no post processing and can be emailed for rapid decision making. All images are GEO tagged with time and date.

Both methods provide incredible levels of detail and quality, which we deliver in comprehensive reports.

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