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Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys

Helicopter Surveys
PDG Helicopters have the experience, equipment and personnel to deliver the highest standards in helicopter surveys anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We offer an unparalleled range of aircraft and sensor technology, ideal for basic visual survey to high technology multi-sensor surveys.

Through our knowledgeable team of pilots, camera operators and observers and we can plan, manage and complete a successful and efficiently run aerial survey of any level.

We also offer the latest tablet computers running bespoke GIS software, this allows our electricity based surveys to take full advantage of high resolution mapping with detailed data base information.

PDG Helicopters range of aerial surveys include:

• Radiological surveys
• Coastal erosion monitoring
Corona discharge inspections
• Environmental studies
Electricity power line surveys ans inspections
• Lidar surveys
• Wind Turbine Inspections
• Photographic flights
• Roads, rail and pipelines surveys
Thermal imaging surveys including heat loss and insulation studies
• High Definition aerial surveys
• Live stock/animal surveys including Deer counting, sea mammal research and bird studies

To speak to our friendly and experienced aerial survey team call +44(0)1667 462740 or click here to Contact Us.